Customs & Immigration

Customs & Immigration

Customs & immigration regulations for entry into Norfolk Island have changed since 1 July 2016. As a result, passengers travelling from Australia no longer require passports. However, they are the preferred means of documentation. Identifying yourself is still a requirement for travel between Norfolk Island and Australia. For more information visit the Department of Infrastructure, Regional Development and Cities website.

The threat of introduced diseases prohibits the importation of vegetables, fruits, plants and seeds. Strictly prohibited from importation is New Zealand pork and poultry.


Your personal concessions allows you to bring into Norfolk Island duty free items, details can be found on the Australian Border Force website.

Norfolk Island’s border protection policy prohibits the importation of certain items. Most prohibited items are prohibited because of the impact it could have if allowed to be imported into the country. One single selfish act of smuggling could lead to the devastation of Norfolk Island as a tourist destination. We appreciate your assistance in preserving this destination.

Norfolk Island can boast that it is relatively pest free and crime free. The importation of certain goods such as illicit drugs or plant material that may contain disease can have an impact on the lifestyle and freedom that Norfolk Island enjoys. We ask that any person travelling to Norfolk Island respect what we have and take into account the need to impose restrictions on certain items.