Fuel Services

Burnt Pine Fuel

Burnt Pine Fuel (BPF) is the distributor of Aviation Fuels on Norfolk Island. BPF now operate an aircraft refueling truck which allows more flexibility in refueling locations including refueling at aircraft parking areas if the 2 parking bays are occupied. BPF also provides AVGAS via the AVGAS refueling point located to the Western edge of the parking bays.

Incoming aircraft should contact Burnt Pine Fuel as well as the Airport to confirm fuel availability. Whilst there is generally no issues with Jet A1 availability, AVGAS stocks can at times be low depending on usage and freight delays.

Whilst BPF looks after fuel requirements on Norfolk Island, we are also involved in a number of projects in fossil fuels and renewable energy both on and off Norfolk Island. The team of 5 operate the Norfolk Island operation with guidance from an experienced Technical Service Advisor.

More information

For details on Aviation Fuel at Norfolk Island Airport, please contact the Fuel team on:

Email: fuel@bpfuel.nlk.nf

AUS Toll Free: 1800 501 128

Phone: +6723 22196

Mobile (urgent): +6723 50472 or +6723 50190

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