Norfolk Island Airport Services

Burnt Pine Travel provides Aircraft Ground Handling service at Norfolk Island Airport. As a result, we handle aircraft ranging from small Single engine aircraft and helicopters transiting the Island who only require parking, Customs/Bio/Airport attendance and refuelling, to RAAF C130’s, C17’s and Fighters/Trainers, to B737 Freighters up to full service charter or RPT passenger services. Because Norfolk Island currently has no containerisation facilities all passenger services are bulk loaded aircraft. The Airport has 2 power in/out bays with the capacity for additional off-bay parking as required.

Burnt Pine Travel have a team of 30 ASIC carry staff trained and experienced in various aspects of airport operations. This includes ramp handling, aircraft cleaning, Airline check-in, load planning preparation, Receipt and Dispatch (including marshalling) and aircraft refuelling. Staff also receive Dangerous Goods Awareness and Security Awareness training with qualifications. In addition, staff engaged in specific roles are qualified in those areas such as Aircraft Receipt and Dispatch, Radio Operators Licences and Aircraft Refuelling and Aircraft refuelling Panel operation.

Burnt Pine Travel are capable of handling any bulk loaded aircraft physically capable of landing at Norfolk Island. We can also handle palletised B737 freighter operations using the 7T forklift and slave pallet/roller Tines supplied by the operator. For a list of our current equipment click here.

More information

For details on Ground Handling at Norfolk Island Airport, please contact the Operations staff on:


AUS Toll Free: 1800 501 128

Phone: +6723 22196

Mobile (urgent): +6723 50190

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